Here we come, eNotes will bring a solution to those issues.


Since the creation of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency has established its
position in economics worldwide.

Thanks to its tamper-resistant, trustless, decentralize and anonymous design, Bitcoin etc. are wildly
accepted and used,which makes its market value has exceeded
700 billion US dollars.

Due to its attribute of public ledger, any transaction on Bitcoin network is traceable.
Although anonymous design, such as HD Wallet
(Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets) [BIP0032], can be used to protect privacy,
the trading behavior of a particular account is still hard to hide: the flow of money is always visible.
Besides, many thorny issues exist: transactions times, transaction fees, traceability, etc.


  • Cryptocurrency has a long confirmation time.Currently,the confirmation time of Bitcoin is 6 block,approx.60 mins.Which is too long for a face to face trade.
    Transaction Times
  • Cryptocurrency transactions are all record,and these are publicly accessible.There is already Big Data company researching how to profiling a cryptocurrency user.Privacy protection is a big challenge.
    Privacy Protection
  • Cryptocurrency security relies on the private key.To hold and secure the private key is too difficult to understand and operate for the common user.Even the specialist have made errors (e.g.,Exchange lost their private key etc.).
    Transaction Security
  • Cryptocurrency trade with expensive transaction fees.
    Transaction Fees
  • The fundamental attributes of block chain determine the public verification of block data,regardless of which consensus mechanism is being used.Each single transaction is traceable.
  • Cryptocurrency has a high threshold to use,such as how to transfer,how to use cold wallet,how to understand private key or mnemonic phrase,and etc.
    High Threshold

Here we come,eNotes will bring a solution to those issues.

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  • Jian Wang

    Founder & CEO
    12 years’ experience in cryptography and cyber security technology. 14 years' study & work in Germany, major participant of german kanzler Merkel’s Security Phone Project. Pioneer in blockchain technology since 2015 with 20+ blockchain patents.
  • Hui Xie

    Co-Founder & CTO
    Expert of cryptography and information security technology, about 12 years’ R&D experience in cryptography and security product, applied for 20+ blockchain patents, list on the top 100 global blockchain patent list of innovation talents.
  • Wenqi Yao

    Architectur Engineer
    12 years in software development and system architecture, 8 + personal patents.
  • Dora Li

    Marketing Director
    Multi-field Industries marketing and operation experience.
  • Ruoyu Xu

    Developmental Engineer
    8 years in mobile client development.




    Fenbushi Capital Founder
    Pioneer in Blockchain, founder of Invictus Innovation and FBS Capital. Over 12 years experience in securities, hedge fund, investment banking and Blockchain. Portfolios including Ethereum, TENX.

    Founder of Cybex, Longhash, ICOage & Chainb
    Blockchain and cryptocurrency evangelist and key opinion leader in China since 2012. Great contribution of innumerable blockchain related articles and whitepapers translation into Chinese, as well as having authored many books on blockchain, including “The Blockchain Society”, “Blockchain – the New Economy’s Blueprint”, and “Cryptocurrency”.


  • k0l1d47

    Chief Cryptographist of Cybex and Nbltrust
    Formerly Cryptographist of The 30th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC). He has been engaged in secure communication and cryptanalysis for more than a decade with ten more relative patents. He has pointed out multiple Bitcoin and Ethereum defects and proposed improvements.

    Founder of SCRY and XcenerBlockchain
    The director of a number of projects turning over the profits over $100 million.
  • Maik Stohn

    Founder of NovoSec (Germany)
    Security expert. Over 20 year experience in Finance Security and Banking Software. Major Developer of "Merkel Phone” Project.